Intense Basking Spot 25 watt

Intense Basking Spot 25 watt
Intense Basking Spot 25 watt
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Exo Terra makes a tight beam intense basking spot lamp with an inner reflector that helps direct more heat and light onto a smaller area.  This helps heat the basking area more efficiently and while keeping the cool end cooler.  Ideal for use with diurnal reptiles that thermo-regulate by basking like bearded dragons. Be sure to use a probe thermometer or non contact temp gun to make sure your reptiles temps are always right!

Single 25 watt basking spot bulb, good for ambient temps between 85ºF to 90ºF degrees at a distance of 12 inches

If you have a lot of dragons in one room that stays very warm, this is the perfect size bulb!

Also available in 50w, 75w, 100w single bulbs

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