Liquid Calcium Glubionate

Liquid Calcium Glubionate
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Liquid Calcium Supplement with .18 grams of calcium glubionate per mL which contains 23 mg of elemental calcium. More readily metabolized by reptiles and more effective than powders.  Recommended and prescribed by vets!  Does not contain D3.  Liquid calcium is great for rehabbing rescues, suplementing gravid females, and as an extra booster for growing babies.

It's not just for bones, calcium is essential for development of nerves and aids in nervous system and muscle functions.  Most dragons get more calcium then they will ever need, but whether it is usable by the body depends on other metabolic processes working correctly. Some dragons lose the ability to process adequete amounts of the hormone responsible for D3 production which eventually makes them deficient in calcium.  When this happens over a long period of time, it is very hard to notice until the severe symptoms begin showing, then it is ten times more difficult for them to recover.  This is why it is soooo important that dragons get calcium from more than one source, it's just plain ole preventative maintenance.  So feed greens with high Calcium to Phosphorus ratios and keep some liquid calcium on hand to use two or three times per week.  Also, try our New Calcium Complex Powder, a little goes a long way!

1/2 ounce / 15mL bottle with dosing tip 1cc syringe included for accurate dosage

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