Sterile Eye Irrigating Solution

Sterile Eye Irrigating Solution
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Dragons always seem to be getting sand in their eyes or have other eye irritations that could lead to eye infections.  Before medicting with antibiotic ointment, it is important to clean the eye and remove possible irritants and bateria. This is a sterile eye irrigating solution that is made from 99% pure water with boric acid, sodium borate and sodium chloride that can be used to flush the eye safely and effectively.

4 oz Bottle of Sterile Purified Water

Use once or twice daily before applying Terrimycin ointment, or when needed to remove debris.

Pour sterile water on a cotton swab so that it is wet, and gently wipe the eye from front to back to remove any debris.  Repeat with a clean swab if needed.  Allow to dry, then apply Terramycin ointment with a cotton swab, using the same front to back motion.  Repeat every 12-24 hours.

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