Liquid Toltrazuril Coccidiocide 5%

Liquid Toltrazuril Coccidiocide 5%

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Dosage is .04 mL per 100g of body weight, so 1mL is 5 doses for a 500g reptile or 10 doses for a 250g reptile

Liquid Toltrazuril that is known to treat coccidia with one or two doses!  This is a revolutionary product that is safer and more effective than Albon without being as harsh on the system.  The chemical structure is very similar to Ponazuril, which is a metabolite of Toltrazuril. Toltrazuril is about 50% absorbed after oral administration then highest concentrations are found in the liver where it is rapidly metabolized into the sulfone derivative Ponazuril. Doses up to 10x have been found to have no adverse affect in horses and 5x in poultry have been well tolerated.  Toltrazuril has activity against many different types of coccidia at all stages.  

Comes with easy dose tip and a 1cc oral dosing syringe.

The suspension has almost no flavor and taste like slightly sweet water.   It is also thin enough to inject into bugs with a needle syringe.

Dosage is 20mg/kg   Strength is 5% or 50mg / mL so you would give .04cc per 100g of body weight

How does it work?  The active substances in this medicine interfere with the enzymes needed for coccidia to breathe.  As a result, it is able to kill the parasites at all stages.  Also effective against roundworms.  Small amounts of coccidia are usually not a threat to adult dragons with established immune systems, young dragons can be very susceptible to coccidosis which can be fatal if not controlled.

5% Toltrazuril contains 50mg per mL

Shelf life is approximately 2 years when unflavored.  Use within 6 months if flavoring is added.  Flavoring contains propylene glycol and stevia.

If you are a breeder or have a large collection, please email us if you would like more than 15mL

The best way to fight coccidia is by prevention.  To help prevent coccidia from infecting your animal,  always remove poop as soon as possible.  Never feed in any environment where poop is present, not even small particles.  Do not allow any animals to eat live bugs that have been hiding in a cage where particles of poop may be present.  Do not put any live feeders back in with the others once it has been in any animals cage.  Even dust from poop can have coccidia eggs in it, dispose of all uneaten feeders that have been in any cage over 20 minutes.  Coccidia kills the cells that line the intestines and can be fatal if left untreated.

Sanitizing with steam or a coccidiocidal detergent is the only way to kill coccidia in the environment, bleach and chlorhexidine is not effective against coccidia.

Store at Room Temperature and Shake Well Before Use.  Cut tip of bottle at line so syringe fits tightly, tip upside down to dispense dose.