Calcium Complex Powder

Calcium Complex Powder

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Tired of grainy calcium powder that doesn't stick to superworms or dubia?  Not a problem here!!  Our super ultra fine powder is the consistency of corn startch and sticks to superworms and dubia!  You know your dragon is getting the calcium and it doesn't stay in the bottom of the cup. 

The best way to get good calcium absorption is by supplying your dragon with a variety of calcium sources. Different types of calcium react and absorb differently depending on what other substances are present during digestion. This is a custom blend of calcium carbonate, coral calcium, calcium citrate and calcium gluconate powder. Available with or without D3 in a normal or a low dose, depending on the dragons needs.

It's not just for bones, calcium is essential for development of nerves and aids in nervous system and muscle functions.  Most dragons get more calcium then they will ever need, but whether it is usable by the body depends on other metabolic processes working correctly. Some dragons lose the ability to process adequete amounts of the hormone responsible for D3 production which eventually makes them deficient in calcium.  When this happens over a long period of time, it is very hard to notice until the severe symptoms begin showing, then it is ten times more difficult for them to recover.  This is why it is soooo important that dragons get calcium from more than one source, it's just plain ole preventative maintenance.  So feed greens with high Calcium to Phosphorus ratios and keep some liquid calcium on hand to use two or three times per week. 

Ingredients: Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Gluconate, Coral Calcium, Benebac Probiotics and Serrapeptase for optimum benefit!  All human grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including bioactive D3, only the BEST for our dragons.

More Effective than Plain Calcium Carbonate, use less!

*Available with or without D3

D3 17 IU per gram
Calcium Carbonate contains 40% elemental calcium, calcium carbonate binds with phosphorus and helps remove it from the body
Calcium Citrate has 21% calcium, it is a chelated mineral and is more easily absorbed than carbonate
Calcium Lactate is 13% elemental calcium with excellent bioavailability
Calcium Gluconate contains 9% calcium and is an organic salt with great soluability
Coral Calcium contains 33% elemental calcium and is another carbonate made from fossilized limestone
Serrapeptase is an enzyme from the silkworm intestine which can aid in calcium absorption and has anti inflammatory properties
Now with magnesium to further availability and help maintain good calcium levels