Black Cherry Powder

Black Cherry Powder

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5g Jar

We now carry black cherry powder that can be kept on hand and dissolved as needed, no need to worry about long term storage any more.  Use what you need and less goes to waste, fits easily in your emergency first aid kit. 

Black cherry concentrate is used to help treat gout, it works by preventing gout crystals from forming in the joints and tissues of the body. If you suspect your dragon may have gout (swelling in the fore arms and fingers), begin giving extra fluids and reduce protein intake immediately.  Start feeding only greens and veggies along with liquid calcium and black cherry concentrate.  Only medicate if absolutely necessary.

If you think your animal may be developing or have gout, be sure to STOP any medications that could affect the kidneys such as Baytril and other antibiotics.  Use pain medications such as Metacam with caution, you may want to use Serrapeptase while treating for gout.

Reduce or stop protein intake and give additional fluids to alleviate severe gout symptoms, give black cherry every 2-3 hours up to 5mL daily

5 grams of Black Cherry Extract Powder 10:1 Concentration, 1cc scoop, 1mL syringe & 15mL mixing bottle (additional mixing bottles optional)

To make concentrate add 1 heaping scoop (1/4 teaspoon) to 15mL (1 tablespoon) distilled water, refrigerate mixture

In dosing bottle or syringe, mix 1cc./mL concentrate to 4cc/mL purified or distilled water (Not Tap)

Recommended Adult Dragon Dosage - 5mL per day