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Iguana Bandanas

Iguana Bandanas
Iguana Bandanas Iguana Bandanas Iguana Bandanas
Product Code: Bandana Large 7" to 8"
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Don't let your iguana run around naked,dress them up with our Stylish Iguana  Bandanas! These are all hand made out of cotton fabric and feature magnetic clasps that attach or detach with ease. 

To determine your iguana's neck size, cut a thin strip of paper and wrap it around snugly around the neck.  You can mark the paper in advance or just tear it off where it fits best, then measure the piece that's left.  

**Actual bandanas are approximately a half inch larger than the size listed so be sure to pick the closest size.  If the bandana is too big, it will fall down around the dragons arms or fall off.  If your dragon is growing and you want a slightly larger size, just roll back the wide end of the fabric where the magnets are to make it fit more snug around the neck.  

Large 6" is our Regular Size and fits smaller sized iguanas.  For babies, check out the beardie bandana sizes.
X Large 7" - fits medium to bigger rock iguanas, small  to medium tegus. Cats   
XX Large
 is 8" should fit big Iguanas, Tegus, Monitors, Small Dogs
Huge is 9" and should fit a pretty big lizard like a tegu with a fat neck

Custom sizes available upon request.

***​Please note, at times we may run out of the color/pattern you have selected. Please enter an acceptable substitute in the notes section. If an alternate available color is not selected, we will send a substitute of our choosing.

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