Critical Care Fine Grind

Critical Care Fine Grind
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The critical care fine grind is basically the same formulation as regular critical care, except it is in more of a powder form and is not flavored.  It mixes easily with carnivore care or baby food and does not clog the syringe or feeding tubes as easily. Many find it better for small juvies and babies that are being hand fed and eat less, as the regular style will help to fill up bigger dragons bellies easier and comes in two flavors.

Premium recovery food that can be fed to herbivores unwilling or unable to eat do to illness, surgery or poor nutriitonal status. Mix 1 part Critical Care Fine Grind to 3 parts warm water as a general guideline, adjust as needed. Mix with Carnivore Care when weaning dragons back on protein slowly before feeding insects.

Dragons off food recovering should be carefully weaned onto protein slowly so that their system has time to adjust.  Feed the Critical Care Fine Grind for at least a week before gradually adding Carnivore Care or chicken baby food to slowly add protein intake.

We prefer to mix with butternut squash baby food, liquid calcium and Acidophilus+ for about a week before adding carnivore care or protein for sick or malnourished dragons going back on food.  Most dragons like the taste of the butternut baby food, so it is easier to get them to lick it right off their nose.

Available in 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram & 30 gram jars

For small babies, a 5 gram jar should last 1 to 2 weeks. Depending on size, a baby should eat .2 cc to .5 cc two or three times a day.  Always offer water beween feedings.

For small juvies, a 10 gram jar is approximately 4 teaspoons which is about 20 cc, so it should last 10 to 20 days feeding .5 cc to 1 cc per day

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