Critical Care Carnivore Care

Critical Care Carnivore Care
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Carnivore Care is a premium recovery food designed for carnivores that are unwilling to eat their normal diet. Formulated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians with exotic pet care expertise, Carnivore Care meets 100% of the needs of a sick or convalescing obligate carnivore. Carnivore Care is a 45% protein, 32% fat formulation with added vitamins and minerals. Mix 2 parts Carnivore Care to 1 part water adjusting amount as needed. Syringe feed through a soft tube or by dripping on nose. Average adult dragon needs approximately 1 to 2 tsp of food per day.

Dragons off food recovering should be carefully weaned onto protein, feed the Critical Care Fine Grind for a week before gradually adding Carnivore Care to slowly add protein. 

Our  preferred mixture is 1 tsp of butternut squash baby food with 1/8 teaspoon of carnivore care and 1/8 teaspoon critical care, liquid calcium, Acidophus+  and Electrolytes.

Keep refrigerated or store in the freezer if not being used longer than 1 week.


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