Natures Cleaner Detergent Concentrate

Natures Cleaner Detergent Concentrate
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This stuff is great for cleaning baked on poo! It is an all natural super concentrated detergent made from coconut, grapefruit seed and orange peel that cuts through grease and organic matter the old fashioned way.  It has a light, fresh citrus scent that is not over powering or chemical smelling and it doesn't get funky when you're cleaning a hot cage.  Can be diluted for daily maintenance or used at a higher strength for deep cleaning.  The consistency is thick and it gets very sudsy if you use too much, so be sure to add it to the water after filling the container.  Does not have any harsh chemicals that need ventilation during use, can be used around dragons safely.  Also has some natural antibacterial properties due to the ingredients.

Remember, disinfectants are not always the best cleaners, and are made to use on hard surfaces after organic matter is removed.  So basically, it is necessary to use a detergent like this to emulsify the poo to remove it before disinfecting. 

2 oz bottle makes up to 2 gallons
4 oz bottle makes up to 4 gallons
8 oz bottle makes up to 8 gallons

Add 1 ounce to a gallon of water for daily use. Squirt a small amount on soiled area and let it soak for a minute, then scrub with a cloth or brush.  This stuff really works!

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