Reptisun 10 UVB 24" T8 Linear Fluorescent

Reptisun 10 UVB 24" T8 Linear Fluorescent
Brand: Zoo Med
Product Code: 24" Reptisun 10
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Reptisun 10 Flourescent UVB by Zoo med Labs is10% UVB 30% UVA output For desert dwelling species to prevent metabolic bone disease and stimulate calcium metabolism.  This is the ONLY fluorescent bulb recommended and acceptable to use with bearded dragons, it emits UVB for up to 6 months before needing replacement.   It is also important to make sure when using a fluorescent UVB, it must span the entire length of the cage so that the animal inside is getting exposure at all times.  These bulbs are based on the shade method of getting filtered sunlight throughout the day and are not meant for exposure only when basking.  Older dragons prefer to bask less and spend more time lounging in cooler temps, so be sure they are getting the necessary UVB no matter where they are.

Available in 18", 24", 36", 48" Lengths T8 Fixture Size, additional handling charge is added to the 36" & 48" for shipping,

 Please remember replace your bulbs twice a year, your dragon is counting on you. 

24" bulbs cannot be shipped with other large items such as egg crates, additional shipping may be required!

All bulbs will be shipped USPS at our discretion.

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