Serrapeptase Double Strength Liquid 15mL

Serrapeptase Double Strength Liquid 15mL
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Serrapeptase is an enzyme that helps the natural healing process in many ways.  

When treating for respiratory illness, it reduces and thins mucous to help remove the bacterial infection from the lungs. It helps relieve pain by inhibiting the bodies inflammatory responses so that tissues can actually regenerate. Serrapeptase digests any non-living tissue and breaks down fibrin in scar tissue, blood, and secretions. 

Giving Serrapeptase during antibiotic therapy will boost the antibiotic activity at the infection site.  It assists in bone remodeling and calcium metabolism during recovery from nutritional deficiencies so that microfractures heal and calcium deposits are minimal.

Liquid Serrapeptase 50mg/mL strength in a calcium base for better absorption.

Give 1 hour before food or medications when body temperature has reached 85 to 95 degrees.

Dose is 15-30mg per kilogram of body weight, one to two times per day.  To calculate dosages, read Dosage Calculations

Keep refrigeratedd

1mL Liquid Serrapeptase Contains
50mg Serrapeptase (3,000 Serrapeptase Units)
20mg Elemental Calcium

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