Vegetable Glycerin USP

Vegetable Glycerin USP
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Vegetable glycerin is great to use on silkies! 

Sometimes dragons have difficulty shedding and can end up with dry, dead skin that doesn't want to come off very easily.  This is usually retained shed and can be caused by dehydration or maybe for no reason in particular.  Vegetable glycerin is a humectant  or water retaining substance that can be used to moisten the skin so that it loosens and becomes more flexible.  Glycerin is also water soluable, so it can be added to baths or made into a spray.  It also doesn't smother the skin like oil and is much safer to use on large areas, plus it's non-toxic and 100% edible.  You can even make herbal extracts or mix medications into it for dosing.

For retained shed, apply a couple drops two or three times per day to the affected area and work into the skin with a soft brush.

15mL (1/2 oz ) or 30mL (1 oz) dropper bottle - mascara brush included!

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