Calcium Carbonate Powder 2 lb

Calcium Carbonate Powder 2 lb
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Now you can buy our super fine calcium powder in 1 or 2 pound bulk bags to refill your shakers, blend into chows, and save you some money.  

Use pure calcium carbonate with animals that are kept under mercury vapor UVB lighting, such as Powersun, Solarglo, Megaray, ActiveUV

Our Pure Calcium Carbonate is made from precipitated calcium carbonate which means it basically comes from a distilling process.  What is left is a super fine powder that doesn't have hardly any impurities, such as lead, phosphorus, and other hard metals.  The elemental calcium content level is a minimum of 40% calcium and the super fine consistency means less goes to waste.  We have been providing breeders for years because they like how it sticks to supers and dubia by caking up with a thick coating instead of falling off and leaving a bunch of powder in the shaker. 

Ingredients:  Pure Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Content 400mg per gram (40%)

Did you know ?

- Calcium carbonate is known as a phosphate binder?  That means while it is in the body, it attaches to phosphorus and helps remove it from the body.  Insects have very high phosphorus content in their exoskeletons, so dusting them with calcium carbonate is the best way to neutralize some of that phosphorus and prevent it from building up in the bloodstream so that the liver has to work extra hard to remove it. 

- Calcium carbonate has very low bioavailability which means very little of the actual calcium in it can go to good use in the body as a supplement.   Much of it goes to waste in the form of fecal matter if there isn't enough D3 synthesized to convert it to a usable source.

- Calcium carbonate is very alkaline and can interfere with the absorption of other important chemicals in the body including medications.  Large amounts of calcium carbonate should never be given at the same time as medications or vitamins.

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