Tortoise Calcium Powder No D3

Tortoise Calcium Powder No D3
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Tortoise Calcium Complex Powder No D3 

Tortoises should not be given plain calcium carbonate alone, they actually benefit more from calcium that has lower elemental content and higher bioavailability.  We make our Tortoise Calcium Complex powder out of mostly Calcium Lactate Gluconate and Calcium Citrate with only 25% calcium carbonate content.  This way you don't have to be worried about D3 toxicity or having to dose messy liquids.  Most of this powder will dissolve when mixed with washed greens and leave a light coating of the remaining ultra fine precipitated calcium carbonate to help with phosphorus binding.  The serrapeptase is an enzyme that aids in absorption while naturally relieving inflammation. 

40% Calcium Lactate Gluconate is 10% elemental calcium with excellent bioavailability
25% Calcium Citrate has 21% calcium, it is a chelated mineral and is more easily absorbed than carbonate
25% Precipitated Calcium Carbonate contains 40% elemental calcium, calcium carbonate binds with phosphorus and helps remove it from the body
1000 IU Serrapeptase is an enzyme from the silkworm intestine which can aid in calcium absorption and has anti inflammatory properties
10% Magnesium to further availability and help maintain good calcium levels in the bloodstream

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