Liquid Vitamin B Complex 1 oz

Liquid Vitamin B Complex 1 oz
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We have NEW, way more awesome Liquid B Complex now!!

B vitamins are essential for neurological function and energy metabolism. It is very important to supplement dragons with B vitamins because they are not stored in the body and a constant supply is needed to maintain healthy levels.  Most dragons diets are not rich in the B vitamins, so giving a balance of B complex on a regualr basis will improve energy levels, metabolsim, and other internal functions.  All the body's systems work better when a proper balance is achieved.

Not all B Complex supplements are created equal, it is important that all the B vitamins are in the correct ratio to prevent deficiencies.  Our B Complex is all natural and made from whole food sources so that it is better absorbed.

B vitamins are water soluable and do not build up toxic levels in the body, so you cannot over dose.

B vitamins aid in the prevention of hypothiamosis which is often incorrectly diagnosed as calcium deficiency or metabolic bone disease.

If you would prefer a more complete liquid vitamin, our liquid multi-vitamins contain all the B vitamins and is a complete source for all your bearded dragons supplement needs except for calcium.

1 ounce / 30mL with dropper

Store in refrigerator in the dark

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