Generic Enro for Nebulizer 10% 100mg/mL

Generic Enro for Nebulizer 10% 100mg/mL
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- Concentrated liquid is commonly used Nebulizer Treatments.  Each 1cc makes 10 treatments.
- Do Not Give Orally Full Strength unless you are dosing an animal over 1000 grams.  (dose is 0.1cc per kg or 1000g)
- Not mixed with any sorbitol suspension or sweetened to mask the unpleasant flavor.  Can be diluted 1:10 for dosing.


We do not sell any medication that cannot be obtained without a prescription.  Enrofloxacin powder is available to the general public over the counter

A liquid antibiotic (generic similar to the name brand Baytril) in 10% or 100mg/mL used commonly for the treatment of Bacterial upper respiratory infections in bearded dragons, water dragons, geckos, iguanas, snakes, tortioses and other reptiles. This type of bactericidal agent is active against a broad spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, it is not as effective against anaerobes such as pseudomonas which can also cause respiratory infections.  If this treatment is unsuccessful, ceftazidime is most commonly used to eliminate pseudomonas type infections.  

Many strains are becoming more and more resistant to treatment, so it is very important to be vigilant when diagnosing and treating illness of any kind.  Never expect a 10-14 day round of antibiotics to completely cure any dragon from respiratory illness.  Dragons do not have diaphragms and cannot cough up mucous to clear it out of their lungs, so there will always be the possibility of re-infection. Nebulizer treatments during and after oral or injectable antibiotics is a good way to loosen mucous in the lungs and get medication to the infection site.  It is also very important to not let mucous get too dry and sticky, this can be fatal. 

It is very important to educate yourself thoroughly before giving this or any other medications to your animals without veterinary supervision.  Always be sure your dragon is well hydrated before giving this medication and be sure to offer extra fluids several times daily.  Avoid giving this medication to dragons with known kidney problems. Probiotic support is recommended during and after treatment.

Be careful to avoid giving calcium at the same time as this or any medication, as it could interfere with absorption and render it less effective.  Give this medication on an empty stomach.

A dropperful of Acidophilus+ twice daily at feeding time will help with uncomfortable side affects and speed recovery.

We do not recommend giving injectable baytril without direct supervision of a veterinarian due to the cytotoxic and nephrotoxic effects.  Injecting Baytril will cause irreversible tissue damage at the injection site and leave permanent scars.  Baytril is has high bioavailability when given orally and is much safer at lower concentrations or when used in respiratory nebulizer treatments.

This liquid is very strong and should be diluted to a dosable concentration before dosing.  It is extremely important that you absolutely, positively know what you're doing before giving any medications without a vets supervision. This is Non Sterile, do NOT inject.

Directions for nebulizer treatments

Using a syringe to measure the medicine, mix 0.1cc (10mg) of liquid antibiotic to .9cc/mL of sterile water or saline solution to make 1cc/mL of solution. You can boil distilled water and allow it to cool if you don't have any sterile water for injection on hand.  If your dragon has a resistant respiratory infection, you can mix this at 20mg/mL by using 0.2cc antibiotic + 0.8cc sterile water for the first one to three treatments.  Be sure your dragon is at optimum body temperature (90ºF to 95ºF) and has been basking for at least 1 hour before giving medications and stays warm during the treatment.  For instructions on how to make a home nebulizer chamber for a dragon, please visit Everything Reptiles page.  Nebulizer treatments can be used in conjuction with ceftazidime injections for severe symptoms.

How much do you need?

2mL is 200mg or 20 x 10mg - makes 20 treatments
5mL is 500mg or 50 x 10mg - makes 50 treatments
7mL is 700mg or 70 x 10mg - makes 70 treatments

If you want to use this orally, Mix 10mg (0.1cc) to each .9cc/mL of water or other suspension fluid to make a 1% concentration before giving to any small animal orally.

For large lizards such as tegus, monitors, iguanas, tortoises over 1000g or 1kg, this can be used full strength but may not taste well.  
Mixing with sorbitol suspension fluid will sweeten it slightly and adding stevia or flavor may help mask the bitterness.  





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