Psyllium Powder 1 oz

Psyllium Powder 1 oz
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Psyllium husk powder is an all natural way to treat diarrhea and constipation or impaction, it adds dietary fiber that helps form bulk while lubricating the intestinal tract and absorbing excess fluid.  Good to use after dragons have been treated for parasites, especially if they will not eat a good amount of greens, this way the added fiber will help cleanse the intestinal tract.  Also recommended for any animals who strain to use the bathroom or have had problems with impaction.

The psyllium should be mixed with water and given in small amounts until the animals GI tract is functioning properly.   Always give extra fluids following treatment.

1 oz bag with 30mL (1oz) mixing cup, small scoop & 1cc syringe

Add 1 scoop to 15mL - 30mL of water and mix well.  

When treating constipation or if impaction is suspected, give .1cc to 1cc  to dragon every 2-3 hours until laxative takes effect.  
Give once daily with extra fluids to prevent intestinal discomfort after treating for an impaction.  

Use daily for 5 days to help get rid of internal parasites naturally.

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